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Published on Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Democrats release new state budget proposal

Shortly after noon today, House Democrats were joined by budget leads from Senate Democrats, as a new compromise state operating proposal was put on the table. With six days remaining in the current 30-day special session, Democratic leadership said it was time to compromise and get a budget adopted.

For cities with projects on the 2014 Public Works Trust Fund loan list, this proposal includes a one-time transfer of $394 million – essentially eliminating all funds for loans for 2014 and 2015. This is significantly different than the House Democrat’s budget adopted during the regular session that made a one-time transfer of $100 million and funded a 2014 loan list totaling $350 million.

The other significant news is that liquor funds shared with all cities were not reduced.

The House is expected to consider and act upon this revised budget and a few other bills by week’s end. How the Senate Majority Coalition and the Governor will respond is not yet known.

See our detailed budget comparison here and look for more information in the Legislative Bulletin late Friday afternoon. 

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