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Published on Friday, May 3, 2013

A word with legislators while they’re home

The 105-day legislative session sputtered to a close on April 28 and the Governor quickly announced he was calling legislators back for a 30-day special session beginning Monday, May 13. Still to be addressed are the state’s operating and capital budgets. Along with other interests, AWC hopes legislators can also agree to new transportation revenues – including local transportation revenue authorities and options to address local needs.

Most legislators are back home while budget leaders from both houses begin closed-door negotiations in Olympia in conjunction with Inslee Administration representatives. While they’re attempting to resolve budget priority and revenue differences, it’s an opportune time to reconnect with your hometown legislators to thank them for what they’ve already accomplished and to remind them of city priorities that remain to be addressed.

To help you engage in those conversations, you might want to review a letter AWC President Don Gerend sent to the Governor and legislative leadership thanking them for addressing several issues important to cities and urging them to finish their work without adversely impacting cities. This letter was sent to all legislators. Please feel free to use it when speaking to your legislators or craft your own points to use in a letter or conversation. The important thing is to connect with them before they return to Olympia on May 13.

We’ll continue to provide brief updates and insights over the upcoming weeks. Our hope is that this will be no more than a 30-day special session.

Please let us know what you hear during your talks with legislators, since you may gain important insight that will be valuable to our lobbying work in Olympia.