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Published on Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Transportation revenue package gains momentum (again)

Chair of the House Transportation Committee, Representative Judy Clibborn, originally introduced HB 1954 back in February, but then the bill never received a public hearing and the overall transportation revenue seemed to stall. This all changes with a public hearing on a new version of the bill this Friday at 1:30. While the language of the bill is not available yet, Representative Clibborn has released a summary.

Along with projects important to many cities, there are several parts of the proposal for cities to like. First of all it contains several local options, including authority to increase the transportation benefit district motor vehicle fee up to $40 councilmanically and new funding for a "Complete Streets" grant program. It also increases investments in ferries and transits. The package does include continued funding, but no new additional revenues, for the Transportation Improvement Board and the Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board.

Less encouraging is that the proposal increases the gas tax by 10 cents but only distributes one cent of that to cities and counties (1/2 cent each).

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