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Published on Friday, April 12, 2013

Mostly good news on MTCA funding

AWC is part of a large coalition of interests that has been meeting since before this legislative session began to work on protecting and preserving the state’s dedicated funding for toxic pollution prevention and cleanup. Business interests, local governments, and the environmental community are all part of this coalition.

Portions of these funds, commonly referred to as MTCA funds (Model Toxics Control Act) have been swept into the general fund in prior difficult budget years, and we wanted to protect against that as much as possible. All the budgets that have been released, from Governors Gregoire and Inslee and the House and Senate, propose some MTCA fund shifts, but nothing on the scale of what has happened in prior years.

Programs that have been previously funded through the general fund continue to creep into these accounts in these budgets. We continue to advocate that, as much as possible, the Legislature needs to keep these accounts focused on the cleanup and prevention of toxic contamination. The core priorities for cities - toxic cleanups and funding assistance for local stormwater management - are funded from these accounts and we will continue to advocate for maximal investment in each of these two priorities.

The variety of ways these budget proposals seek to fund various programs is complicated. If you have questions or would like more information please contact Carl Schroeder.