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Published on Friday, April 12, 2013

Traffic fatalities revive discussions on DUI legislation

Tragic cases involving impaired drivers and fatalities of innocent victims have revived discussions on Rep. Roger Goodman’s (D-Kirkland) comprehensive DUI legislation, HB 1482. Earlier this week, Rep. Goodman gathered a large group of stakeholders to discuss options for addressing impaired driving in Washington, including how to prevent these tragic situations and hold drunk drivers accountable.

HB 1482 failed to advance prior to bill cutoff deadlines and is currently in the House Rules committee. However, it could be resurrected if it is deemed necessary to implement the budget. The bill includes provisions to address impaired drivers who drive the wrong way; modifies sentencing standards and no longer allows for deferred sentencing of DUI offenders; clarifies that municipalities can establish a DUI court; and adds provisions for commercial motor vehicle THC concentration limits. In a work session hosted by the Senate Law & Justice Committee on April 11, legislators discussed DUI checkpoints and reducing the time from arrest to formal charges to expedite the installation of ignition interlock devices.

AWC will continue to be engaged in this issue and will report any actions that are taken.

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Categories: Law & justice