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Published on Friday, March 29, 2013

MTCA bills could move next week

We are hearing that two significant bills related to the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) that have been languishing in the Senate Ways & Means Committee could move next week. Since both of these bills have budget implications, they are not subject to the usual bill cutoffs.

SSB 5296 is Sen. Ericksen’s bill that would substantially amend the MTCA statutes in an effort to refocus the spending from MTCA accounts. AWC has been supportive of this effort, and we have been working cooperatively with Sen. Ericksen. However, this is a complicated bill and may need more refining as it moves forward. Cities that rely on MTCA funds should closely review this bill and contact Carl Schroeder with comments or concerns.

SSB 5201 is Sen. Ranker’s bill that seeks to make it easier to clean-up multiple small contaminated sites by forming “redevelopment opportunity zones.” This could be a valuable new tool for cities and we have been working in support of this proposal.