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Published on Friday, March 22, 2013

MTCA policy and funding

Conversations continue about Sen. Ericksen’s bill (SSB 5296) to substantially amend the Model Toxics Control Account (MTCA) statutes, and also our ongoing efforts to protect the funds in MTCA accounts from sweeps by the Legislature. The account is clearly in the crosshairs of the budget writers, and it will be an uphill battle to retain these funds for their expected uses. If your city has clean-ups that are proposed to be funded through MTCA, you can expect communications from us urging you to connect with your legislators, and any city with good stories to tell on the importance of cleanup or other funds from the MTCA accounts are encouraged to share them with Carl Schroeder.

We continue to identify areas for potential adjustments in Sen. Ericksen’s bill and welcome any comments on necessary changes. We appreciate the work that Sen. Ericksen has done to address our concerns to date and believe most of the priority items for cities have been restored in the current drafts. If you have additional items to flag or check on – please do so with Carl Schroeder.