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Published on Friday, March 15, 2013

Bill to streamline scheduling for workers compensation moves to House

AWC is supporting SB 5112, which would provide Workers Compensation Retrospective Rating Programs the ability to assist in scheduling independent medical exams (IME) and vocational rehab appointments. The goal is to streamline the scheduling process to help employees resolve their cases more quickly. The bill passed the Senate early in the session and now awaits action in the House. There has been opposition to the bill, as it has been rolled up into larger issues around reforming the workers compensation system. We are trying to clarify that this bill is not a reform measure, but an administrative processing issue.

The Chair of the House Labor and Workforce Development Committee has indicated that the bill will be scheduled for a hearing. We encourage members of the Retro Program to contact your House members as well as members of the House Labor & Workforce Development Committee and let them know that this bill is a good tool for employees and employers.

Categories: Personnel