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Published on Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vehicle fee legislation (HB 1485)

On February 25, the House Transportation Committee held a public hearing on a number of local option transportation revenue bills. Of particular interest to cities around the state is HB 1485 which would allow a Transportation Benefit District (TBD) to impose a local annual vehicle fee of up to $40 upon a majority vote of the governing body. Under current law the limit for vehicle fees approved councilmanically is $20. AWC strongly supports expansion of this local option.

Below are video clips from the Hearing, including one from bill opponent Tim Eyman. Thanks to Councilmembers Mello and Asher from Tacoma and Kirkland, and AWC president and Sammamish Councilmember Don Gerend for testifying in support of this bill.

Ryan Mello, Councilmember, Tacoma (6:36 – 9:51)

Dave Asher, Councilmember, Kirkland (9:51 – 12:12)

Tim Eyman, Citizen (29:15 – 34:06)

Don Gerend, AWC President, Councilmember, Sammamish (38:45 – 40:34)

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