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Published on Friday, July 7, 2017

LEOFF 2 state contribution maintained in the 2017-19 budget but other LEOFF 2 changes made

The newly-passed 2017-19 biennial budget maintains the state commitment to funding their 20% share of the LEOFF 2 contributions ($70M in 2018, $73.3M in 2019). AWC thanks all the members who reached out to their legislators to tell them to continue funding LEOFF!

However, the budget also contained two minor LEOFF 2 items. One of them will have an immediate impact on cities that provide contracted public safety services to third parties.

Special event contributions

The budget made a change to contribution levels when a LEOFF 2 member provides services for a fee. During fiscal years 2018 and 2019, when a LEOFF 2 employer charges a fee or recovers costs for work that is performed by a LEOFF 2 member, while receiving their basic salary (pensionable compensation), the employer must cover both the employer and the state contributions. Examples of this could include providing emergency services or security for a fee at festivals or sporting events.

Local Public Safety Enhancement Account

The budget deferred funding the Local Public Safety Enhancement Account. This account was created in 2008 to provide local jurisdictions added public safety funding and to provide enhanced pension benefits to LEOFF 2 members. The account has never been fully funded. The Governor vetoed a subsection of the budget that stated that the enhanced pension benefits could be paid by the LEOFF 2 pension fund.

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