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Published on Friday, May 19, 2017

Opinion requested on LEOFF 1 coverage of medical marijuana

The Attorney General’s Office has received a request for a formal published opinion on the ability of a LEOFF 1 disability board to cover the costs of medical marijuana for a LEOFF 1 retiree.

The actual question was posed by the Yakima County Prosecutor and reads as follows: “Does state law allow or require a county disability board to reimburse a member of the Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters Plan 1 (LEOFF 1) for medical marijuana, given considerations of federal law including potential effects on federal funding received by the county?” (Opinion Docket No. 17-04-04). For the full text of the inquiry click here.

Those interested in providing comment to the Attorney General’s Office on this opinion request should notify Jeff Even, Deputy Solicitor General, jeff.even@atg.wa.gov, by May 24, 2017.

Categories: Marijuana, Personnel