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Published on Friday, February 15, 2013

Update on legislation impacting local business licensing and B&O taxes

In the last Bulletin, we wrote about two bills with significant impacts to city business licenses and taxes. SB 5656 requires all cities with business licenses to convert to the state’s business licensing system (BLS), and SB 5688 requires cities with B&O taxes to use the state tax classifications. On Tuesday, cities testified in opposition to the bills because of the loss of local control. AWC would like to thank the city officials who did a fantastic job explaining why these bills are harmful to cities: City Administrator Randy Lewis from Westport, Council President Sally Clark from Seattle, Deputy Mayor Marty Campbell from Tacoma, Councilmember Paul Roberts from Everett, and Mayor Conrad Lee from Bellevue.

Here are a few highlights from the hearing.

Victoria Lincoln, AWC (55:29-59:22)

Randy Lewis, City Administrator, Westport (59:25-104:52)

Sally Clark, Council President, Seattle (14:48-18:36)

Paul Roberts, Councilmember, Everett (24:59-27:50)

Categories: Budget & finance