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Published on Friday, March 17, 2017

Senate budget impact on cities coming mid-week, so get ready!

We’re about to know how the Senate budget writers view longstanding partnerships with cities. For weeks, we’ve been told to expect the worst and we’ll know for sure in the next few days.

When their budget is released, things will move fast:

  • Within hours, AWC will assess and share budget impacts on cities so you can weigh in with your own Senators. This will come in the form of a Budget Action Alert, along with a link for you to find the fiscal impact on your own city.
  • We’ll review and prepare brief testimony to present to the Senate Ways & Means Committee. It may take them more than one afternoon of public testimony to hear from everyone, and this presents a window of opportunity for you to express your views to your Senator.
  • Once the committee completes public testimony, members will start grappling with potential amendments before moving the budget to the full Senate for consideration. Typically, this won’t take long with the budget possibly reaching the Senate floor as early as week’s end.

Significant reductions expected in $225 M state-shared revenues

We expect to see significant reductions in the $225M of revenues shared with all cities and towns, which help support public safety and other key local services. Over the past weeks and months, we’ve encouraged city officials to try and avoid this outcome by communicating with your legislators about why these resources are important. It’s not too late! Contact your legislators for the first time, or once again! At this point, it’s best to make a phone call and tell them your thoughts.

We expect the House budget writers to release their budget proposal early next week. We’ll share that information with you in a timely manner. The budget process will consume legislators over the next several weeks, yet they’ll continue to consider and pass policy bills before a March 29 cutoff deadline.

AWC is sponsoring a City Lobby Day on Monday, April 3 to tell legislators at this critical time during legislative session what actions are needed to maintain strong cities across the state. Consider joining us for part of the day – either in person at the Capitol, or by dedicating a portion of your day to connect with your own legislators.