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Published on Friday, February 24, 2017

Bill would establish blue ribbon panel on cybersecurity

HB 1418 directs the state’s Office of the Chief Information Officer to convene a “blue ribbon panel” to review issues relating to cyberattack, security, and response best practices. The panel would include representation from cities, counties, public utility districts, private utilities, and cybersecurity experts.

The bill specifically directs the panel to review issues related to critical infrastructure, including water, sewer, power, and gas utilities from the threat of cyberattack; protecting data transfer and enhancing the security of the state's intergovernmental network; and best practices for local government response in the event of a debilitating cybersecurity incident.

The Office of the Chief Information Officer must submit a report detailing the recommendations of the panel to the appropriate committees in both houses of the Legislature and the Governor, as well as any relevant statewide organizations representing local governments or utilities, by December 12, 2018.

The bill was amended and passed out of the House Committee on Technology & Economic Development on February 14 and then passed out of the House Committee on Appropriations on February 23. AWC is supportive of this bill.