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Published on Friday, February 24, 2017

AWC priority public records bills need to keep moving

AWC’s priority public records bills, HB 1594 and HB 1595, both made it past the first cutoff date. We now need you to contact your House members to make sure the bills keep moving.

HB 1594 was voted out of the House Appropriations Committee on Friday. It now goes to the Rules Committee. HB 1595 is also awaiting action in the House Rules Committee which will determine if it advances to the full House for a vote.

We have been working collaboratively with stakeholders to develop revised language that preserves the intent of the bill and addresses stakeholder concerns. We need both of these bills to be scheduled for a vote by the full House prior to the March 8 house of origin cutoff. Please contact your House members and ask them to support these vital bills.

Categories: Open government