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Published on Friday, February 17, 2017

Proposal to restore city liquor revenue moves out of committee

The House version of AWC’s priority liquor bill, SHB 1113, moved out of committee on February 9.

Over the past several years, cities, counties, and others have sought to remove the cap on liquor revenues and reinstate the traditional percentage based formula of liquor profit sharing.

SHB 1113 gradually increases the distribution to cities and counties, ultimately reinstating the traditional formula. Under the proposal, cities and counties would receive $49.4 million annually plus $2.5 additional per year beginning in 2019 through 2024. 

In state fiscal year 2025, the bill would reinstate the traditional percentage based formula of 50/40/10. The proposal would require 60 percent of any liquor profits distributed to cities and counties in excess of $49.4 million to be used for public safety.

For more information see the fact sheet here.

Categories: Budget & finance