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Published on Friday, February 10, 2017

Affordable housing and homelessness bills in play

As of February 10, HB 1570 (Increasing homelessness funding) and HB 1797 (Generating new local option revenue sources for affordable housing) were in negotiations and still in the House Community Development and Housing Committee. We are encouraged that talks are underway to see if those bills can be passed out of committee with bi-partisan votes. We appreciate the interest from legislators of both parties in finding ways to address these critical needs.

On the Senate side, interested parties have begun specific discussions about whether there is common ground on some of the more controversial provisions of SB 5254. We expect that the bill will come out of the Senate Local Government Committee as a work in progress, and we are encouraged by early conversations with the proponents of the GMA buildable lands elements of that bill that there should be common ground that can be reached.