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Published on Friday, February 10, 2017

Bill would give expanded authority to Parking and Business Improvement Areas

HB 1823 grants new authorities to the parking and business improvement area program (PBIA). Under current statute, business improvement areas are designed to “aid the general economic development and revitalization, and facilitate merchant and business cooperation. A PBIA is an area within a county, city or town that has the authority to levy special assessments on the business and multifamily residential or mixed-use projects within the geographic boundaries of the areas that are specially benefited by the activities of the PBIA”

HB 1823 grants new authorities. These include, allowing them to:

  • Acquire and/or operate parking facilities;
  • Develop and implement plans to improve the appearance and character of the district;
  • Sponsor or promote public events and entertainment;
  • Provide economic development services for the district;
  • Support business activities in the district;
  • Provide maintenance and security for the district;
  • Provide transportation services; and
  • Provide assistance to the public about local services.

In addition to these new authorities, the bill renames the program to “business improvement districts (BID).

HB 1823 had a public hearing in the House Local Government Committee on January 9 and is scheduled for executive session on February 15. AWC is supportive of this legislation.