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Published on Friday, January 27, 2017

Bill would require cities to pay relocation assistance when property is acquired for public purpose

SB 5049, sponsored by Sen. Curtis King (R-Yakima), would hinder cities’ ability to opt out of offering relocation assistance to a property owner in certain instances when their property is acquired for a public purpose.

Currently, federal law requires that relocation assistance and acquisition laws apply to all state and local governments engaged in projects which are funded in whole or in part by federal monies. In cases where no federal funds are being expended, cities are not required to comply with relocation assistance laws. Additionally, in 1988, nongovernmental entities having the authority to exercise eminent domain were also provided the authority to choose not to comply with certain provisions of relocation and acquisition procedures and reimbursements when no federal funds were being expended on the project. SB 5049 would eliminate this right.

The bill was heard in the Senate Transportation Committee on January 25. Cites who have feedback on the impacts of this bill should contact Jane Wall.

Categories: Infrastructure