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Published on Friday, January 20, 2017

Funding proposal for state’s oil spill prevention activities

In recent years cities worked with the state to pass enhancements to oil spill prevention activities and equipment caches to respond to increased concerns about the transportation of oil by rail. This work was not permanently funded. Now the Oil Spill Prevention Account is facing a $4 million shortfall Without additional funding some programs that benefit cities would be put at risk including the advanced notice of transfer work, geographic response planning (pre-set strategies for responders to take action during a spill), and rail contingency response planning. HB 1210 would increase the per-barrel tax on the first possession of crude oil from 4 cents per barrel to 6.5 cents per barrel. The House Finance Committee will consider this measure on January 24 at 3:30. AWC will support this measure to provide funding for these activities.