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Published on Friday, January 20, 2017

Multiple marijuana bills dropped in House and Senate

There have been a lot of marijuana bills introduced. Here are just a few of particular interest to cities.

SB 5282 would authorize local governments to adopt an ordinance prohibiting marijuana retailers within an alcohol impact area. AWC believes cities already have the authority to do this and will be testifying to that fact.

HB 1092 would authorize home grow operations. The bill would allow possession of up to 6 marijuana plants and twenty-four ounces of usable marijuana for twenty-one year olds and larger, aggregate limits for households.

HB 1065 would reduce penalties for possession of marijuana. Currently, possessing more marijuana than is legally permitted is punishable as a class C felony. This bill would reduce most of those penalties to a misdemeanor. AWC is supportive of this legislation.

HB 1260 would allow a person convicted of a misdemeanor marijuana offense to apply for a vacation of the conviction from their record. The person would have to be twenty-one or older at the time of the offense.

SB 5284 would require that marijuana businesses are majority owned by state residents. The bill would also put limits on retail marketing such as directly or indirectly targeting youth and prohibiting some outdoor advertisements. Cities may also adopt rules that are more restrictive on the advertising restrictions contained in the bill.

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