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Published on Monday, December 12, 2016

Small cell networks

The Senate Energy, Environment and Technology Committee recently held a work session on 5G Wireless technology. Telecommunications industry representatives gave an overview of this subject to the committee, and talked about how they view the role of local governments in their quest to roll out small cell networks that will be needed to deploy 5G technology. Some of the issues raised were about land use regulations and access to the ROW, costs and fees charged by local governments, the need for streamlined permitting process, and the benefits of deploying these new, smaller networks.

It appears there will be a bill on this subject in the coming legislative session, and to prepare for that, AWC is convening a city workgroup to do the following: 1) discuss with industry representatives the issues important to local communities, 2) analyze and communicate the impacts of draft legislation to local elected officials and legislators, and 3) provide technical assistance and timely feedback during the legislative session as this issue moves through the process.

There are reasons to be cautious with regards to this issue, and AWC is working to keep cities in the loop as the session progresses. Please let Victoria Lincoln or Dave Catterson know if you are interested in more detail.

Categories: Telecommunications