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Published on Monday, October 31, 2016

Let’s get down to business post-election

Regardless of election outcomes at the State Capitol after this long election season, AWC is ready and willing to find solutions to pressing city issues by working with whoever is elected Governor and legislators from both parties. We’re winding up a series of Regional Meetings and conversations with city officials throughout the state where we discussed our 2017 Legislative Priorities and listened to how communities are doing. We’ve been heartened by the continuously upbeat and constructive attitude of officials working hard to make their communities strong – often with far too few resources.

Similar to the state’s revenues, cities are generally seeing an economic recovery, although it’s very uneven depending upon location and local economic circumstances. We’ve heard over and over about the backlog of capital needs such as fixing or extending streets, updating water or wastewater systems, and taking care of parks and open spaces. Many communities are experiencing affordable housing shortages and the homelessness epidemic that was once considered only an issue in large urban areas, is now evident statewide.

Before legislators come to Olympia on January 9 to start what could be a very long stay, make sure you take the opportunity to connect with them to hear about their priorities, and share your city’s priorities. Now is an especially good time to do this, given many of them will be in a good mood following the elections, and because you’re very familiar with your fiscal and service needs due to your work on next year’s budgets.

On the day after the November 8 elections, AWC’s Legislative Committee will meet to consider feedback from what we’ve heard during our conversations with cities this past month, and to discuss the best ways to advance our legislative agenda. Our 2017 Legislative Priorities are posted here and more detailed fact sheets on each can be found here. You’re urged to become familiar and conversant on them so that you can help us have a productive session.

As always, your engagement on these issues is most appreciated. Look for election results and key issue updates in our weekly CityVoice e-newsletter during November, as well as a pre-session mailer providing you with helpful information.

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