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Published on Friday, September 30, 2016

House Local Government Committee hears about Growth Management Act

Rep. Sherry Appleton (D-Poulsbo) convened the House Local Government Committee on September 20 to hear from interested parties about the pros and cons of the state’s Growth Management Act (GMA). AWC indicated our general support for the act and expressed concern about the continued lack of commitment from the state on local infrastructure finance assistance needed to accommodate growth. Special thanks to those who discussed the implications of the GMA on their communities; Issaquah Mayor Fred Butler, Edmonds Planning Director Shane Hope, Ridgefield City Manager Steve Stuart, and Tacoma Councilmember Ryan Mello.

In addition to cities, the committee heard from developers, schools, counties, private property activists, and others. The committee also addressed siting schools outside of urban growth areas and ensuring enough buildable land for development. Both issues have received significant attention but no resolution in recent years.

The committee intends to have two more work sessions, one to explore potential solutions to the problems identified at this meeting, and another to develop legislatively generated ideas. We will continue to monitor and engage with the committee throughout the year.