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Published on Friday, June 17, 2016

New marijuana law changes take effect July 1

Changes to marijuana laws adopted in 2015 will be taking effect on July 1. The primary changes that we are tracking involve the medical marijuana industry. Effective July 1, only state-licensed marijuana businesses may operate. Therefore, all unlicensed medical collectives and or dispensaries must close on that date. Additionally, July 1 is when four-person medical cooperatives that have a permit from the Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) may begin growing for their own use, but they may not sell their products. It is also when patients will be able to register with the patient database.

AWC recently hosted a webinar on the upcoming changes with LCB and MRSC staff to address the changes and how they will impact cities. You can watch the one hour webinar here.

AWC also participated in a press conference call hosted by LCB on June 15. The purpose of the call was to provide the news media with an update of the changes on July 1. Here is the press release issued by the LCB.

The closure of the unlicensed medical marijuana collectives and dispensaries is a primary focus for many cities. The burden of making sure that unlicensed businesses actually close will fall to local jurisdictions. The LCB and other state agencies are looking to cities and counties to enforce that change. The LCB would like to work with cities to provide assistance where and when they can. One of the tools the LCB will have is an administrative seizure process for seizing and destroying unregistered marijuana and marijuana products. They can help by partnering with cities to seize unregistered product, essentially forcing the business to close.

For more information about the law changes and the resources of the LCB, you can visit their new medical marijuana transition webpage

On June 13, the LCB also updated the House Commerce & Gaming Committee on the state of the marijuana industry and the progress on licensing marijuana businesses. Here is a link to their presentation materials.

LCB answers some common questions about recreational marijuana licensing

Check out this video featuring Liquor and Cannabis Board Director Rick Garza and Licensing Director Becky Smith answering some cities’ most common questions about licensing recreational marijuana businesses.