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Published on Friday, February 12, 2016

Public records priority bill passes fiscal committee and now waits for action in Rules

AWC priority bill, HB 2576, addressing local government public records disputes, cleared the fiscal cut off deadline by successfully passing out of the General Government & Information Technology Committee on February 8. However, much like the vote out of the policy committee, this vote was again along party lines even though this is a bipartisan bill. The bill has now been referred to the House Rules Committee, the committee that decides which bills will be brought for a vote before the full House. For HB 2576 to continue to advance it must be brought for a vote and pass the House before the next cut off deadline of February 17.

We continue to work on the bill language to try to address concerns raised by open government advocates. When the bill is brought up for a vote, we anticipate legislators will consider an amended version of the bill that contains these changes.

With the bill now in the House Rules Committee please continue to contact your Representatives and ask them to support this legislation. It is important they talk to their leadership about scheduling it for a vote before the February 17 cutoff. Here is a link to talking points about the bill.

We also need you to continue talking to your local community and news media about how important this issue is so we can keep the momentum and pressure to move legislation this year.

Categories: Open government