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Published on Friday, February 12, 2016

Fireworks bill needs push, please contact your legislator today

AWC priority bill, HB 2348, allowing local governments to implement fireworks regulations and bans during times of emergency, is stuck in the House Rules Committee and needs to be pulled to the House floor in order for it to stay alive. The deadline for this bill is Wednesday, February 17.

HB 2348 provides local governments with the needed flexibility to implement common sense policies during times of crisis. During last year’s devastating wildlife season, many of our communities were stunned to learn they could not ban and regulate the use of fireworks during the worst drought and wildfire season in Washington State’s history. HB 2348 would ensure communities are not faced with this dilemma again.

Please contact Rules members and your legislators and urge them to get HB 2348 pulled to the floor for a vote.