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Published on Friday, February 5, 2016

Bill cuts stormwater assistance funds for cities

AWC testified in opposition to SB 6570 from Sen. Doug Ericksen (R-Ferndale), but thanked the sponsor and committee chair for his efforts to find a resolution to the major revenue shortfall in the toxic cleanup and prevention accounts known as MTCA. The Model Toxics Control Accounts are funded primarily through a wholesale tax on oil. Revenues in the account have dropped precipitously along with the price of oil.

We are concerned about the approach taken in this bill, which preserves funding for toxic cleanup projects at the expense of a number of other investments from the account including stormwater grants for local projects and operations, shoreline management grants, and more. However, we welcome the conversation about how to prioritize the spending from the diminished MTCA accounts. We are working with a wide group of stakeholders to identify a balanced solution that we can support.