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Published on Friday, February 1, 2013

Capital Budget?

On January 21, AWC staff testified with concerns on HB 1089 – former Governor Gregoire’s Capital Budget proposal. Of great concern was that her proposal diverted $100 million from the Public Works Trust Fund and $21 million from the Local Toxics Control Account to the state general fund. AWC supports funding for these critical infrastructure, stormwater, and toxic clean-up programs, and opposes the diversion of capital investment dollars to the general fund. HB 1089 is 183 pages long, which is typical for a budget bill.

Sen. Honeyford (R–Sunnyside), Capital Budget lead on the Senate Ways & Means Committee, introduced his Capital Budget proposal (SB 5445). It is seven pages long and only appropriates funds for the School Security Improvement Grants and for the School Construction Assistance Program. SB 5445 is scheduled for public hearing on February 4 at 10am in the Senate Ways & Means Committee. AWC staff will be attend to learn more about why this is such a limited budget proposal at this time.

Categories: Infrastructure