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Published on Monday, November 16, 2015

AWC hits the road to share 2016 legislative priorities, participate in awards to key legislators, and hear from member cities

As AWC gets ready for the upcoming 2016 legislative session, your advocacy team has fanned out across the state to share our legislative priorities, participate in City Champion Award ceremonies, and work with state agencies on issues important to cities.

2016 Legislative Priorities

We’re gearing up for a hoped-for-no-more-than 60 day session in 2016. Pundits don’t expect much to happen, yet that won’t stop AWC from advocating for what cities need and objecting nicely to things they don’t. Much of our work will be focused on continuing conversations through the 2016 election cycle and into a more challenging 2017 session.

AWC CEO Peter King and members of our advocacy team have been crisscrossing the state sharing our 2016 Legislative Priorities and hearing what’s important in communities large and small. We’ve heard loud and consistent support for continuing to press forward on city priorities. Thanks to the several hundred officials who have attended! Your input and participation is critical to legislative success.

City Champion Awards

Given the relative success we experienced during the 2015 session with passage of the transportation package, provision of some recreational marijuana excise tax revenues for local governments, and a partial restoration of diverted liquor taxes, we have gladly participated in City Champion Award ceremonies around the state. City officials in home districts have presented awards to legislators for their leadership in advocating for cities. Award recipients have been very pleased and appreciative, as have those attending and presenting. Congratulations and thanks to them all!

Working with state agencies

AWC’s advocacy team also has been actively engaging with numerous state agencies on a host of policies important to cities. These include:

  • Offering a webinar about new marijuana rules and licensing with the Liquor & Cannabis Board.
  • Providing feedback to the Joint Legislative Audit & Review Committee about the new lodging tax reporting system and process.
  • Working on several issues with the Department of Ecology, including hydro license fees, Shorelines Management Rule update, fish consumption, and the Model Toxics Control Account.
  • Discussing the Road-Rail Conflict Study with the Joint Transportation Commission.
  • Working with the Governor’s Office on a Race Equity Conference.
  • Preparing comments on proposed rate increases from the Department of Labor & Industries.
  • Meeting with the Department of Social & Health Services, Department of Enterprise Services, and fire chiefs about contracting issues for fire services at state owned facilities.

Congratulations to our recently elected (and re-elected) city officials

Finally, congratulations to those who will continue to serve in cities after this election cycle, and for those who won’t, thanks for your contributions and service. Now is a great time to let your residents and legislators know what’s important to help make your cities strong!