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Published on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ask the Legislature to pass a budget that works for cities

The last time the Legislature came to the brink of government shut down, in 2013, they swept hundreds of millions of shared revenues from cities. City liquor taxes and revenue streams supporting the Public Works Trust Fund were diverted to fund K-12 education instead. If Republicans and Democrats can’t agree on new revenues by month’s end, it looks like they might sweep some city state-shared revenues to fund education again.

What’s our response?

The Legislature needs to find ways to fund what’s needed without hurting cities. Cities are where most of the state’s revenue is generated and most Washingtonians live, learn, work, and play. Together, we need to tell the Legislature, It’s time to adopt a budget that doesn’t sweep funds needed to support cities, pass a transportation package, and come home!

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Connect with your legislators by phone or email and tell them nicely, Sign a budget, pass a transportation package, and come home!
    1. You may have contacted them recently – please do it again!
    2. Be prepared with an example of what the loss of those revenues might mean. For example, Diverting $100,000 means laying off a policeman or firefighter.
  2. Tweet your concerns and what’s at risk. Use #StrongCities and #WAleg.

Remember, AWC’s priorities are:

  • Fully-fund shared revenues with cities, including liquor taxes
  • Pass a Transportation Investment Package
  • Don’t raid the Public Works Trust Fund and fund projects
  • Pass HB 2136 that shares new marijuana tax revenues with cities and oppose any attempt to preempt local regulatory authority

If you have questions or concerns contact Government Relations Director Dave Williams, davew@awcnet.org.

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