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Legislative Advocacy

The Ugly Truth Video: Infrastructure Investment

As part of Operation: Strong Cities, AWC is asking cities and towns to enhance the way they interact with their communities and legislators. One of our recommendations is to proactively engage your constituents about the impact of state decisions on your ability to serve your community.

To do this we produced a short video, less than three minutes, titled The Ugly Truth: Infrastructure Investment. The intent of this video is to assist in beginning a conversation about the importance of infrastructure investment with and between legislators, community members and other stakeholders. Additionally, we have created a conversation starter to help you work with your community to understand the critical role of the state in supporting local infrastructure investment.

Here are some suggestions on how to use this video:

  • Post it on your city or town website*
  • Share the video on social media and retweet AWC tweets related to the video
  • Air the video on your public access station (contact Mitch Netzer for broadcast quality video)
  • Use the accompanying conversation starter materials to spur community discussions on infrastructure needs in your community with interested stakeholders
  • Show the video at a city council meeting and discuss challenges your city or has faced in funding infrastructure

Questions? Contact Carl Schroeder or Alison Hellberg.

*The Public Disclosure Commission has advised that this video is acceptable to post on your website absent proposed legislation introduced on these topics. In order to avoid any concerns, AWC recommends removing the video from your website before the legislative session begins on Monday, January 12. Please consult your legal counsel for further clarification.