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Tips for using the legislature’s website for bill information

When you read an article in our Legislative Bulletin, we link the first mention of a bill number to that bill’s information page on the legislature’s website. This year the legislature has made some significant improvements to the bill information pages.

Each bill page now includes a “Bill Status-at-a-Glance” section at the top. As you will see, it includes a simplified bill status indicator under “Where is it in the process?” and under “Current Version” it tells you which version of the bill is currently under consideration. To find and read the actual bill language you will need to scroll down to “Available Documents” and click on that version of the bill. Usually the last version in the list is the version currently under consideration. There is more explanation of all the “Bill status-at-a-glance” features available by clicking on the blue circle with an i.

After a bill is introduced, legislative staff prepare a bill report that often contains a lot of helpful background information and a bill summary. That is the first place to turn if you are trying to understand a bill. The “Bill Reports” are found under the “Available Documents” section.