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Legislative candidates are doing a lot of listening right now

Election season is a good time to reinforce what your city needs. This is particularly true when you and other influential constituents ask for the same things. Engage in candidate forums for legislative candidates, ask questions, and get commitments on city issues.

  • Ask legislative candidates how they will support programs that keep cities vibrant.
  • Ask for their perspectives on specific issues important to your city.
  • Avoid letting them off the hook with generalized answers.
  • Ask them what they would do if their caucus doesn't support city issues.
  • Be respectful. Even if you don't agree, both parties should leave the meeting with an agreement to meet again in the future.

2016 Legislative candidate survey

Check out the legislative candidate survey we conducted to see where your candidate stands on city issues. If you don't see your candidate's responses here, try calling them or asking them in person.

2016 Statewide candidate forum videos

If you weren’t able to attend our candidate forum on September 13, we’ve got you covered. We recorded six statewide candidates as they addressed important city issues and their plans to partner with cities if elected. Hear about the differences between gubernatorial candidates and their approach to the city-state partnership. Understand what lieutenant governor candidates think is important as it relates to cities. Learn about state auditor candidates' views on how they could impact what cities can do and associated costs.

Gubernatorial candidates


Lieutenant Governor candidates


State Auditor candidates