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About Us

What is AWC?

Founded in 1933, the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) is a private, non-profit, non-partisan corporation that represents Washington's cities and towns before the state legislature, the state executive branch and with regulatory agencies. Membership is voluntary. However, AWC consistently maintains 100% participation from Washington's 281 cities and towns. A 25-member Board of Directors oversees the association's activities.

What does AWC do?

AWC’s staff focuses its work in five service areas:

  • Legislative representation
  • Educational training
  • Publications and resources
  • Technical assistance in personnel and labor relations, energy, transportation, budgeting, planning, risk management and employee wellness
  • Member programs, such as municipal liability and property insurance, employee drug and alcohol testing, workers comp retro pooling and employee benefits


AWC’s mission is to serve our members through advocacy, education and services.


AWC is a highly respected voice of cities and towns before the Legislature, Congress, government agencies and others. We are the leader in providing valuable services and continuing education for our membership. We are the catalyst for promoting communication between cities and towns and for developing a broad public understanding of the important roles of cities and towns across the state.

Core beliefs

We believe in…

  • Leadership – Assisting all cities and towns to develop competent and principled elected officials and community leaders.
  • Excellence – Delivering excellent programs, products, and services to all members.
  • Advocacy – Advocating on behalf of member cities and towns.
  • Diversity – Appreciating and recognizing, in all aspects, the diversity of our membership.
  • Education – Educating members, community leaders and the public at large, is the key to sustainable and livable communities.
  • Responsiveness – Responding to member needs, critical issues, and unforeseen events in a timely and effective manner.
  • Service – Above all, we believe in providing quality service to our members.

Statement of Policy

Amended and adopted at the
Annual Business Meeting
on June 25, 2015

Strategic Plan

2014 Annual Report

IRS Form 990

Access AWC's Form 990 on the GuideStar website.