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State Auditor’s Office releases report on public records

SAO released their public records report detailing the impacts of the Public Records Act on cities, towns, other local governments, and state agencies.

Cityvision – In with the new: Cities create spaces for innovation

In this edition of Cityvision, we look at some of the new and creative ways cities are using innovation to address issues faced today.

Watch the 2016 Statewide Candidate Forum videos

If you weren't able to attend our candidate forum, we've got you covered. We recorded six statewide candidates addressing important city issues and their plans to partner with cities if elected.

Register for a Regional Meeting near you!

AWC hits the road! Where will we see you this fall? Come meet with AWC’s CEO and legislative staff to share issues of importance in your region.

Introducing the AWC GIS Consortium

This new AWC service helps cities increase their capacity to utilize GIS technology by leveraging the collective buying power of its members.